Korean multi-step skin care


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Korean multi-step skin care

Skincare products are more in demand in Korea than decorative cosmetics. This is due to the fact that Koreans prefer to solve skin problems or prevent them.</>

In the world, many people use only one type of moisturizer, and Korean women use from 6 to 10 different care products every day. The procedure for applying funds plays an important role. Each stage is thought out, and each has a task: preparation, treatment, hydration, and protection of the skin.</>

The most common care is the care of the 10 stages. This does not encourage you to apply 10 steps every day in the morning and evening. Each stage has its own goal, and you can decide, based on the characteristics of your skin, which stages to use, and how often.

Stages of multi-step skin care

Stages of morning skincare:

  1. cleansing with foam, gel or cream-soap for washing;
  2. toning with toner or lotion;
  3. nutrition with emulsion, serum;
  4. using a sheet mask as an additional care 1 time a week;
  5. day cream for the skin of the face;
  6. makeup;

Stages of evening skincare:

  1. double cleansing with hydrophilic oil and foam;
  2. massage the face skin using a scrub-peeling or rolling mask 1-2 times a week;
  3. toning with toner or lotion;
  4. nutrition with an emulsion, serum;
  5. applying the mask no more than 1 time a week;
  6. applying a cream to care for the eye area;
  7. applying a night cream for the face skin;

Detailed analysis of the stages of care

Stages 1 and 2 - Purification

The use of soap for skin cleansing does not give the desired effect against fat secretions, keratinized cells, sweat, and bacteria. Korean cleansers are ideal for cleansing the skin. During this stage, you need to pat the product with your fingers, apply it to your face and distribute it in circular, light massaging movements along the massage lines and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

In the evening, you need to remove makeup using hydrophilic makeup remover oil or any other makeup remover. Then apply in turn the hydrophilic oil if you have removed the makeup with other means, and then the foam. The oil should remove water-resistant cosmetics, wash off makeup, sweat, and other dirt accumulated during the day on the face. And the foam gives the skin a clean and fresh look.

3. Exfoliation and cleansing massage

Deep cleansing of the face is applied 1-2 times a week during evening care.

Scrub-peeling or rolling mask is applied to wet skin and distributed with massaging movements (avoid applying to the area around the eyes). After 1-2 minutes of massage, wash off with warm water. If the skin is damaged, it is necessary to use them less often or exclude them from skincare.

4. Toning

After cleansing, it is necessary to restore skin tone. To do this, Korean women use the 3-second rule.

Within three seconds, you need to blot your face with a towel and apply toner or lotion to the still-wet skin.

It is not recommended to use cotton pads. Apply the product with your hands patting movements, or spray directly on the surface of the face.

5. Nutrition

Serums or emulsions are used to nourish the skin. They are quickly absorbed and immediately affect the deep layers of the skin.

If the cream affects the upper layers, then serums and emulsions give the skin a hydrated appearance and fix this result for a long period of time.

6. Additional

Mask care is an integral part of multi-level care. Masks are divided into types: day and night, washable and not.

The most popular are sheet masks and night masks.

A fabric mask is a fabric sheet soaked in a nourishing essence. It fits snugly to the skin, allowing the nourishing essence to penetrate deep into the epidermis. The mask is removed after 15-30 minutes and does not require rinsing.

The night mask is applied one hour after applying the night cream and 15-25 minutes before bedtime. It is completely absorbed and leaves no traces on the bed linen.

7. Nourishing cream for the skin around the eyes

It is applied during evening care on the skin of the lower eyelid, but on the mobile eyelid is not applied - only on the bone around the eye. It is distributed by lightly tapping movements of the ring fingers.

The cream has an intense moisturizing effect. It lightens dark circles under the eyes, removes traces of fatigue and puffiness, and smoothes fine lines.

8. Face cream

Korean creams have a special delicate texture. In the morning, creams that contain a sun protection factor are popular. The cream should be applied in a thin layer.

In the evening, the cream is applied in a thicker layer.

9. Sun protection

In Korea, white skin is trendy, so girls and women hide their faces from direct sunlight. For protection from the sun, they use creams with a higher SPF level. Even if you are not a fan of white skin, it is still recommended to use a cream containing SPF. Everyone knows about the adverse effects of direct sunlight, which can lead to premature skin aging and various diseases.

10. Makeup

The final step in care is applying makeup. Korean women prefer a soft, matte makeup that emphasizes the purity and freshness of the skin. They are limited to using BB cream or Foundation, powder of natural tones, and a gentle lip gloss.